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NOTICE: Click here for practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer and protect your personal information.
Company Policy

We will sometimes work out monthly payment arrangements for debtors in an effort to give them time to pay the amount owed.  We are always ethical when collecting money owed to your company, and do not tolerate rudeness, or disrespect to a debtor because we believe this only leads to unnecessary conflict and lengthens the time it takes to get your money collected.  In addition, Graham Enterprises, Inc. makes every effort to make sure the information collected in the process of these arrangements is keep secure and safe from unauthorized access.
Our online and local computer systems are at all times protected with the highest level of security.  Our security methods comply with federal regulations and are designed to provide the safest environment possible for information released to us.  Protecting information turned over to us is of the utmost importance.  We go to great lengths to ensure information is secure and safe from unauthorized parties.

We have partnered with to bring you REAL PROTECTION UP TO 256-bit SSL ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY, giving you the assurance that when you submit information via our website that your information is securely transmitted.  It is our policy to use the latest and most reliable encryption technology, and it is against our policy to transmit any unsecured data from our website.  Rather you're a client submitting new account information, or a debtor submits a payment online, you can rest easy knowing that your transmission is secure.   When on a secure part of our website you will see the browser's "LOCK" icon, (usually located at the bottom right of your web browser) appear.  REAL protection up to 256-bit SSL encryption technology assures online visitors that account numbers and other confidential information cannot be viewed, intercepted, or altered.

Graham Enterprises, Inc. does not send unsolicited or "spam" e-mail. Graham Enterprises, Inc. uses e-mail addresses collected for e-mail alerts and newsletters which are used to communicate new information to our clients.  All clients are given the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time. Graham Enterprises, Inc. does not sell or rent its e-mail lists to third parties.
  In addition, we do not send out emails asking for clients or debtors to verify there information.  Should you ever get an email of this nature we urge you to immediately contact our Secure Service Department, so we can take the appropriate actions.


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