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We are redefining the collection industry throughout Mississippi and the nation by providing better collection solutions for our clients. We have designed our collection agency services for small, large and commercial corporations. We have effectively reduced the stress in these industries by producing better bad debt recovery solutions on past due accounts. The collection on accounts are assertively and confidently pursued by using every avenue necessary to collect your past due receivables.

Bad debt is a recurring problem for many companies. We can help you recover your lost profits faster and make sure your money is working for you. It is very important not to wait in pursuing your past due receivables; keep in mind when a customer, client or patient fails to pay, the ability to recover your money decreases dramatically as time passes.

Our collection agency professionals are fully trained to understand every aspect of the collection agency industry, allowing us to steadily increase the rate of recovery. Our collection agents are top professionals specializing in fast debt recovery for businesses in all industries.

Making Debt Submission Easy
Our debt submission technology makes it very easy to turn over your past due accounts all without having to copy and mail the entire file. If you have the ability to convert your debtor information to PDF or TIF, you can upload your PDF or TIF file on the confirmation page after you have submitted the debt. Don't have the ability to convert to PDF or TIF; then just print the confirmation page, use it as a fax cover and fax it. Our fax to email technology creates a data file for you.  It's that easy and no more wasting money on mailing account information we take care of it all.

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Collection Technology

Redefining the collection agency industry is our mission by providing businesses and healthcare organizations with better ways to recover their past due accounts.

Our collection technology is one of the best ways we puts the client in charge, you can submit your pass due and bad debt accounts with out the hassle of mailing bundles of paperwork.

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Collection Agency Rates

It's very important to receive the greatest return on your money without compromising quality of service. Avoid discount collection agencies that offer there services below the industry standard.

Our rates (33.3% of the amount submitted) are competitive to other collection agencies that adhere to the same standards we do.

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Commercial Debt Collection Information

Commercial bad debt recovery solution is available through Graham Enterprises, Inc.. Our company provides large-scale services to all US based companies ranging from small commercial business, large corporations, and medical facilities.

With a vast array of collection attorneys working for our company, we can provide the competence and knowledge when collecting larger accounts that have failed to meet their obligations with your company.